Developing Talent in a Growth Oriented Organization

Create environments that harvest these 5 areas:

Learning Agility

  • Curiosity and aptitude to learn new things
  • Learning, Technology, and Customer mindsets
  • Models openness and applies learnings
  • Seeks insight over information

Horizontal Thinking

  • Enterprise wide thinking
  • One team and one company
  • Finds solutions that contribute to greater goals outside of own area
  • Uses one’s subject matter expertise to influence broadly

Transformational Leadership

  • Nurtures an inclusive culture
  • Elevates others
  • Attracts & Retains game-changers
  • Empowers self directed teams
  • Shares context
  • Removes obstacles
  • Influences and inspires
  • Leads through others
  • Possesses and leads a broad set of skills

Vision for the Future

  • Outcome focused
  • Works back from delighting customers
  • Optimistic and future focused
  • Skillful change leader

Breakthrough Results

  • Swings for the fences – bold invention and stop the incremental improvements
  • Works in short iterations with a bias toward prototyping and learning
  • Over delivers to goals despite external forces
  • Makes timely, grounded decisions and takes action
  • Drives simplicity to ensure operational excellence and above all, reverance for risk management

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