The Promise of Hanah One to Feeling Amazing

I recently came across a short except in the March 2016 magazine of Outside that mentioned this “miracle” supplement. The magazine caught my eye about a year ago when they covered topics on “mini-adventures” and listed a few local places near cities that was worth exploring. I love being outdoors and exploring, so I was immediately drawn to its sense of adventure. However, I never really cared for much of the marketing/materialistic things it highlighted like watches, clothes, and bags.

Anyhow, enough of a tangent and back to the point. So on page 48 it says,

“The biggest challenge I face is maintaining energy on big days. I don’t drink coffee, because the spike is too hard, but I found this wild-harvested Ayurvedic supplement called Hanah One. It helps me with mental acuity, and it’s also an immune booster. I live on it now—and I’m the biggest skeptic, because I’ve had everything put in my face.” – Jimmy Chin

I would have usually ignored this endorsement from any athlete, but then I caught the name “Jimmy Chin!” Jimmy f-ing Chin! Hahaha. I have never met Jimmy, nor have I tried, but as I continued learning about outdoor activities, mountain climbing, and skiing, this guy kept popping up. So I looked into his history a bit, including his documentary on Meru and his National Geographic talk on photography, and I found this guy to be awesome. So when he mentions Hanah One, I listen…. like a silly consumer.

So I just got my first bottle today, and it looks disgusting. Like the Chinese medicine paste my parent used to make me eat when I got sick. But anyways, this will be a daily documentation of how it goes and whether it’s worth ordering a 2nd month’s worth.

Day 0: 3/19/16

  • Taking a tea spoon with warm water (not hot per instructions) at 4pm EST.

Day 3: 3/22/16

  • This is the fourth day I’ve taken Hanah One, and I honestly don’t feel any different. I’ve taken it each morning. And it tastes pretty disgusting–smelly, sugary, herbal taste. I mix it in water and drink it down. I’ve also supplemented it with a cup of coffee after…, so maybe that’s nullifying its “awaken” impact. And perhaps the best way to test its impact is to stop taking it and see how I feel…. But that may just be a withdrawal. I’ll take it a few more days and see if anything new develops.

Day 9: 3/28/16

  • I had stopped taking Hanah One for a couple days (Sat/Sun) because I was out of town. Honestly I felt the same while I was gone. However, this morning I felt absolutely awful waking up. My body just didn’t want to. Like my body had taken the worst beating ever. But all I did was have a few late night drinks for 2 days and little sleep on Sunday. So, the weakness I felt this morning is likely more of a factor contributed to other things, besides the lack of Hanah One. But this raises an interest question: How can I actually measure if I feel better? So I read a few things today  on the founder’s blog that I’d like to confirm as metrics of success. So more to come on the claims below.
    • No need for a mid-day nap
    • Better skin
    • Thicker hair
    • Improved sex drive
    • Improved cardiovascular

Day 18: 4/6/16

  • I don’t feel any different. I really don’t feel any difference in the above claims. Maybe it takes longer to notice. I did an email from Hanah One saying the following:

“Adjust your daily intake
We’ve noticed that some people need to take more to feel the full effects. Try a heaping teaspoon in the morning and another in the afternoon. Others are especially sensitive to ONE and take less than a heaping teaspoon. It’s important to take daily, because the effects are cumulative.”

  • The email makes me feel like it really is a placebo. I’m almost done with my jar, and really not sure how it can last a month… But here are some notable differences.
    • Because each morning I mix it with water, I’m drinking a lot more water.
    • I’m pooping a lot more, too. It may be a laxative. Or too much diary? I’m lactose.
    • On the above claims, I’m sleeping roughly an hour more now at night and exercising a bit less. Not sure what that means, and other factors may be at play.

Day 33: 4/21/16

  • I ran out of Hanah One last week, so I haven’t been taking it for over a week now. Honestly, I feel the same. No worse, no better. Actually, maybe better. I think Hanah One made me poop more… Either way, I completely forgot about taking it until they sent me an email that I was charged for it. So I’m getting another bottle!!!! Anyhow, I cancelled the subscription, but will finish this final bottle of Hanah. I’ll probably try to slow down the intake so it’ll last 33 days. Maybe I took too much of it.
  • My honest assessment is that it’s not really all it promised to be. It’s expensive, and kinda useless…

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