DC Dinner Spot: Rose’s Luxury

So I’ve heard about this place called Rose’s Luxury since last year in the SE area of Washington DC as the BEST restaurant in the DMV area. I finally had a chance to go on Wednesday with a friend who was in town for the week! The reasons why I’ve held off on going were a few:

  • Yelp gives it $$$ (Expensive)
  • They don’t take reservations for less than 6
  • The average wait is over 1.5 hrs
  • It’s in the SE and I live in NW (distance)

Having a friend in town who wanted good food and DC still feeling some of the impacts of Snowzilla, I figured, let’s give it a shot. And good thing we did because there was NO wait! Though it was still very busy.

So I’m going to give my assessment of the restaurant based on the following criteria: Food, Ambience, Servicing, and Value. The first 3 represents each of the Michelin starts (figured I’d borrow their framework), and the last one is important to me as one who is economical (or cheap) and grew up shopping at Walmart.

  • Food: The food was really good.
    • It was interesting that they update their menu quite frequently, so there was no reference to whats good and whats not. The have a long list of “small” dishes and then they had 2 “entree” item dishes. So the take away is that it’s really a sharing type of restaurant, similar to tapas and dimsum.
    • We ordered 4 small dishes, got an additional small pasta for free, and a entree dish. The 4 small dishes were ALL amazing (except the pasta). Pasta was really good, but it didn’t have the uniqueness the other ones had. For example, one of our small dishes was a lycée, blue cheese, minced pork, etc salad…. Really good. Th entree was also really good, but similar to the pasta, lacked the “awesome” factor.
    • So I’d recommend just ordering a bunch of the small dishes and stay away from the entrees unless you’re extremely hungry.
    • We also ordered a cocktail and coffee. Both were good and worth ordering.
  • Ambience: Really chill and relaxing (Good!)
    • The ambience was wonderful. You have a busy exposed/clean kitchen with staff constantly ready to take food that’s ready (no yelling)
    • The brick walls and deep row house feeling of DC buildings really makes the place a quaint vibe. With their dim lights (but not dark), and hanging bulbs, the place seemed like a very good place to relax and enjoy your meal and talk to good company. 2hrs went by extremely fast (for 2 people).
    • The furniture has that old/new wood type feeling. So not high end, but nice and clean.
  • Service: It was ok.
    • I felt the service was really the only area I can say that can be improved. It wasn’t bad by any means. My water was constantly refilled and they brought us our food at the right time (1 at a time as not to rush us).
    • Our main waitress couldn’t really speak well to the menu and stumbled a lot in talking about it. This was a problem because we had no reference to anything on the menu in terms of yelp, etc.
    • The waitress forgot to bring me my coffee… Not a big deal, but a sign of less than good service.
    • The dishes were described in a rushed manner, either because the person bringing the dishes out didn’t really care or didn’t really know. So there wasn’t much excitement in terms of the food. Appearance and taste of it was good, but the descriptions suffered.
  • Value: It was good!
    • So our total bill for all that was $100! +20% tip. That’s a pretty good deal for 2 people eating as much as we did. So I completely feel like it really shouldn’t be $$$, but rather $$ on Yelp.


The Competition?

So where does Rose’s Luxury stand against other places in DC? Honestly, I can’t really compare, since I haven’t been to too many restaurants in DC, but I have to agree, it’s likely one of my favorite restaurants in the city. Other ones include:

  • Le Diplomate on 14th:
    • Much better service than Rose’s
    • Also really good food (Dinner)
  • Sushi Taro:
    • The sushi here is just really good…
    • Bad service (I feel like the staff is stuck up)

So take a trip there and hopefully you don’t have to wait.

Additional Information:

Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/roses-luxury-washington

Website: http://www.rosesluxury.com



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