Day 2, 5:30am

I’d like to start off that I don’t want this to be a journal of any sort where I’m blogging about the details of my life. Rather, I’d like each article to be focused, where I’m sharing my learnings on a specific topic in a well structured, useful way to me (as reminders) and others that may need it. I love the worldwide web because information is always at my fingertips. I’ve learned so many new ideas and how-tos through the web. So my goal is to start writing about topics on things that have been useful for something specific. With that said, this is ultimately the beginning of my journey and I don’t know what works and what doesn’t, yet.

It’s the second day of my waking up early and leveraging the morning extra 2 hrs I’m getting for myself. I can’t say been tremendously impactful… But then again, that’s expected. Things really don’t change in day, especially if I’ve been developing other habits for months that I’m now trying to get ride of.

Starting with last night, I got extremely tired at 9pm, and by 10pm, I fell asleep. So much for catching up on learning new things or work for the night. It sucked too that I woke up at 2am, feeling fully awake. Forced myself back to sleep, and ended up waking up at 5:30am (30min pass when I wanted to wake up). So that’s 30min behind. Started walking my dog, and in less than 1 minute outside my door, an exconvict came up to me and said he needed “a friend.” So I listened to him talk about all his hardships and what he’s going through, and prison, and how he needs $20. I didn’t have my wallet, but even if I did, $20 is a lot of money. So listening him for 8min, I’m thinking to myself “am I being so selfish with my time that losing 8 minutes is actually frustrating me????” I run back home, meditate, change, hit the gym, run 20minutes on the treadmill, return home, shower, make coffee, clean my dog’s pee and poo (because he didn’t do it while the guy was talking to me), and now it’s 7:30am.

The point of this is I need to re-evaluate my sleep schedule and my morning activities in order to make these extra 2 hrs productiveSo far, I’ve learned its hard being efficient with time! Especially if your talking in hrs or minutes. I can’t do everything, so focus seems to be critical for me to get somewhere. 

1) I want to walk my dog, meditate, and shower so that’s 45 minutes there…. The other 1:15 that I have available, how should it be spent? Coding, Reading, Exercising? What would be the best use of my time? I’ll try to figure that out over the next week.

In the mean time, I think its good to start preparing things to talk about. In the next blog, I’m going to write about Karate, Skiing, or Shiba Inus. I haven’t decided, but I think there’s a lot of knowledge I can share in these areas. Not all in one blog (I’ll focus it on one area), so over time I expect it to be categorized.


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