Waking Up at 5am

I finally started waking up at 5am again after 6 months of sleeping til 7am. It sounds silly, given that 7am isn’t that late, but it was a major shift in my life after 4+ years of waking up early and being happy with 5hrs of sleep. Sleeping til 7am signaled that I no longer felt like there was much to accomplish with those 2 extra hours. And that’s a bit troubling to think about, that there isn’t really much worth waking up for anymore.

It didn’t really hit me how depressed I was until or realize what was wrong until I read

How to Wake up at 5AM and Build Your Startup.

Although I’ve come across so many similar articles like it (timing is everything), this one put a lot of things into perspective for me. Before I used those 2hrs to stay healthy, to learn, and to get on the career path I wanted. After getting all that and being at the job and company for 3 years and now feeling like a veteran, there really isn’t much to motivate me forward. The past year all I can dream about is taking a 6 month leave to learn how to be a search and rescue at Yellowstone, and perfect my skiing.

What I have been missing for the past year is purpose. I want those 2 hours back in my life to accomplish something meaningful to me. Not just succeed in my career path, but to succeed in my life. All the cold morning showers, running before dawn, and a nice breakfast can’t make me care about waking up. I need purpose to foster me looking forward to each day.

So I’m blogging again. Here I am. It’s been said that by many pundits that the key way to hold yourself accountable is by telling others what you’re going to do. Though no one is reading this blog now, it’s still public, and anyone can come across it. So I’ll say it here. Every morning my goal is to write about random things I feel like talking about and engaging myself in (for now). I hope that once I get into my groove, I’ll find something specific to discuss into further detail.

Here are some random things I want to get better at, and probably will be discussing more in detail (not in any particular order):

  • Skiing (Gears, Locations, Techniques)
  • Mountain Climbing (My journey)
  • Hiking & Camping (Locations, Gear)
  • Programming & Data (Learning Tools, Communities, Code, Language)
  • Career Searches
  • DC (where I currently live)
  • Interior Design (always liked it)
  • Kotaro (my dog)

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s something to get my started.

Cheers! And now I’m off to work.

Side note: The picture is from when my buddies and I climbed Mt. Whitney back in July 2015. I thought it be fitting given the 5am title and this being a new initiative. It was probably 5am when the sun rose then, too.



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