China, Taiwan, OC, Orientation….

I haven’t written on here in a while, so I found it necessary to keep track of all the things that have gone one recently. To begin, I’ll start off where I left off sometime in August when I made a two day trip with my parents to Shanghai. We were supposed to go visit the expo, but due to various reasons (heat, business, shopping, looking at real estate…) My two days in Shanghai, the temperature there was 40 degrees Celsius. A little hot for anything, particularly standing outside at an expo. So we didn’t go. But on the flip side, I was able to join a meeting and talk to the architectural firm that designed the Taiwan Pavilion for the expo. So rather than seeing the real thing, I saw a model. But more importantly, it also exposed me to the construction industry in China. I found it exciting an interesting that so many of China’s exciting/famous buildings were designed by a Taiwan firm, the same firm that designed Taipei 101. It also interested me in their move and shift towards “green buildings,” which is why I was actually there. Anyhow, the rest of my trip in Shanghai revolved around eating at vegetarian restaurants and looking at Spanish style homes. The people in Shanghai are rude to each other and seem unhappy. But if you actually take the time to open up and talk to them, they’re actually very friendly.

After Shanghai, I came back to Taiwan and had one of the best trips to Northern Taiwan, where I cliff-dived. Although I hurt my back, jumping off a 30ft cliff into crystal-water ocean was amazing. I have a feeling in the next few years it’ll probably be dirty and environmentally damaged, but for now it was beautiful. After that, I hit up a beach rave in the area that was… kinda fun. There were a lot of people, in bikinis… and an old man in his 80s dancing to techno at 3am…

After I got back to the states, I rested for a little over a week before Orientation started at UCLA Anderson… which I’ll try to get into next time.


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