A New August

So August began with two eventful moments. One, a fashion industry friend invited me to an Eelin fashion/model show. Eelin is a model/talent agency and they put on a show to promote all their clients. My friend was invited to support her friends and to scout potential fit models. The first thing I felt walking into one of these shows was I felt awkwardly out of place. All the women were gorgeous and giants… They physically made a man feel small. I’m 5’10”. Besides that, the event was great. They had dances and amateur strip shows. If all the people there weren’t so damn beautiful, it probably would have on par with a high school choir show.

I continued August with a trip Bali. The goal was to make it a backpacking trip, but that didn’t go so well. I bought my tickets two days beforehand, so I didn’t really have time to book hostels. I ended up getting an agent to find rooms for me at resorts. I was still able to run around Bali with a backpack, but the place is too damn crowded and dirty. I stayed in Kuta, considered the city of Bali, for four nights. I found that Kuta has the most affordable everything, including food. The price of everything else is up to the buyer. For instance, I wanted to rent a surfboard at Kuta Beach. The first two stores I asked asked for 200,000 rupi. The third wanted 50,000 rupi, the fourth wanted 300,000, and the fifth wanted whatever I was willing to pay. So on to surfing in Kuta Beach. It’s a wonderful place for beginning surfers, besides the fact that it’s crowded as hell. But the waves are small and long enough that most people have enough time to avoid others. As a novice surfer, I was able to catch a few waves here. The water is dirty.

I headed up to Ubud, the central mountainous area of Bali, for some mountain biking. I contacted a local tour group for this expedition. When I got there it was kind of a shock to me that I was the only Asian in the group. Everyone else was either an Aussie or European. I guess Asians still aren’t really into outdoors sports. We rode through rice paddies and rainforest trails. Everyone we rode past was extremely nice, greeting us with hellos. The ironic thing was that some of these guys smiling and waving at us were carrying rifles…. I’m not to sure what their used for…

I headed to a beach called Dreamland my third day. This place was magnificent. I almost died here. The water here was probably the cleanest I had seen during my stay in southern Bali and the waves were the kind you saw in posters–surfers were riding through tunnels like they belonged there. Watching all this, I felt I had to give it a try, even though I knew these waves were probably too heavy for me. So I paddled out about three football fields where the rest of the guys were and waited for the waves. As I rode over each wave, I felt the magnificent height of the water. It was kind of scary. So 20min out at sea I decided I should try to catch a wave. As I saw the wave coming and began to paddle, I was carried up almost immediately, and also thrown under at just about the same moment. Thrown under 10 seconds of heavy sea water, I finally surfaced with doubt in my mind. As I saw the second wave coming, I hurried to board. Unfortunately, my board was facing towards the shore and I didn’t have enough time to turn it around. I was tossed under again, but this time I felt some sharp fins cutting into my arm and ribs. When I finally surfaced, I hopped on the board determined for the life of me that I catch a wave back to shore. I did. IT WAS A GREAT WAVE! Unfortunately, it was too fast that I was too scared to stand up or even jump off of as I came back to shore. I was glad as hell to be back on land, but then dizzy when I saw the blood on my arm and a slight exposure of bone for the cut. So that ended my water sporting events in Bali.

The rest of my trip revolved around lounging on beaches and ordering drinks charged to my room. Not much excitement.


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