Places I’ve Been So Far

I’ve been in Taiwan for the past 3 weeks. I’m tired as hell. Here’s a list of my achievements.

1. Hot Springs in Yang Ming San and Tien Lai.

2. Hiking 8km in some mountain near Taoyuan

3. Explored the 88th, 89th, rooftop, earthquake ball, and employee elevators of the Taipei 101 Building.

4. Day trip to Kaoshung on the Taiwan Highspeed Rail. Biked around Ci Zhi Coast and Si Zhi Wan Beach. Visited the Love River, shopping district, and Liu Hui Night Market (sucks).

5. Went up some scenic mountain somewhere and drank Japanese style tea ceremony.

6. Went on a 80km cycling run from Taipei to Fulong on the 106 Road through the mountain pass. Crashed in the last 10km on the way back.

7. Surfing in Bei Hai. Not many waves, but nice beach.

8. 3 day trip to Green Island. Awesome. I look like a native now from the blaring sun. Scary island with a lot of ghost stories. Took a scooter around the whole island. Decent food, great people. Climbed cost lines, watched stars in pitch blackness, swam in lagoons at night, scuba dived, snorkeled, went crab hunting at night, battered and deep fried the crabs, and watched sun rise on a cliff over crashing waves.


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